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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Dectector Installation

Smoke detectors are a safety device that detects the smoke and produces an alarm to warn people of a fire.  For your safety, it’s important that your home and business have them installed.

At Bleuwave Electrical, our licensed and insured electricians can install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for your home or business.

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San Antonio Licensed Electricians – Smoke Detector Installation

A smoke detector is a safety device that detects the smoke from a fire and produces an alarm to warn people of it. It is most commonly installed in residential homes and commercial buildings like schools, offices, hospitals etc. Private contractors may provide this service for some buildings but in most cases, it is provided by local fire departments who offer it for free or at low cost.

Different Types of Smoke Detectors

There are a few different types of smoke detectors, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. The most common type of detector is an ionization detector. Ionization detectors detect particles in the air that come from a fire. These particles are positively charged and the sensor in this detector is negatively charged. When the two meet, they create a current which sets off the alarm.

Another type of detector is photoelectric detectors which detect light that comes from fires or sparks and set off alarms when they detect these types of light waves. These waves are not as common as ionization but they work better in areas where there isn’t much dust or smoke in the air to interfere with them (like kitchens).

The last type of detector is called an optical gas detection system which uses sensors to monitor for natural gas leaks or other combustible gases like propane and methane. These systems have sensors called flame tubes which use infrared light to monitor for any changes in gas levels near them.

Bleuwave Electrical is the premier provider of smoke detector installation in the surrounding San Antonio metro area. Our team of professional, licensed and insured Electricians at Bleuwave Electrical can assist you with your smoke detector installation.  We have decades of experience in smoke detector installation.

Smoke Detector Maintenance

This section will discuss the importance of smoke detector services and the maintenance that should be done to keep them working properly.

Some people feel like they can just install a smoke detector and then never worry about it again. Smoke detectors are designed to provide protection in your home, so it is important to maintain them.

Regular maintenance is important to ensure that smoke detectors work when they are needed most. The following steps should be taken:

  • Remove dust and cobwebs from the detector’s surface using a vacuum cleaner, brush or compressed air.
  • Check the battery and replace it if necessary.
  • Check for signs of wear or damage, such as broken glass or holes in the casing, wiring, etc., and replace if necessary.
  • Test the alarm by pressing the test button on the detector.

Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation Services in the San Antonio metro area

Smoke detectors save lives. They can detect smoke and fire before they become a major threat.  Smoke detector services are important for the safety of your family. Smoke detectors can be found in homes, businesses, schools, and other places where there is a potential for fire hazard.

Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas that cannot be seen or smelled. It’s created by the incomplete combustion of any fuel. In the United States, carbon monoxide detectors are required in homes with a gas-fired appliance such as a furnace or water heater.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors are devices that measure the level of CO in the air and warn homeowners if levels become dangerously high.  The most effective way to reduce your risk of CO exposure is to install a CO detector on each level of your home, near sleeping areas, and on every level of your home from which you can smell smoke from cooking or heating appliances.

Let Bleuwave Electrical help you with your smoke or carbon monoxide installation or repair, call Bleuwave Electrical at (210) 319-5777 or use or convenient online schedule service form.

We service San Antonio and the surrounding cities of Alamo Heights, Helotes, Stone Oak, Fair Oaks, Boerne, New Braunfels, Bulverde, Schertz, Converse, Live Oak and anywhere else within a 50 mile radius of San Antonio.

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Bleuwave Electrical is a Veteran owned and operated Electrical company serving the greater San Antonio area.  We offer same day smoke and carbon monoxide installation and troubleshooting.  No job is too small or complex.  Keep your home, family or business safe by properly installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Rest assured, Bleuwave Electrical has 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy that is backed by highly knowledgeable, trained, insured and licensed electricians.  At Bleuwave Electrical, we know that electrical issues occur during inconvenient times, so we are available to assist you around the clock.  With decades of combined electrical experience, our team of friendly and knowledgeable electricians can help you with all your electrical needs.

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